Bae Doven is a short music film built around 3 music videos by dutch hiphop artist sor. Bae Doven tells the feverish story of Bae. A black pianist and hiphop artist struggling with the loss of his hearing while trapped in a period piece anno 1743. Through an odd and dream-like shakespearian encounter with Ferdinand his 'manager' and Amélie, a peer who apparently plays music closer to her heart, he learns how to get rid of the darkness in his inner 'zone'. Through that, he slowly finds his way back to his present day self and learns to come to terms with his handicap.

This is the opening Scene

This is a freely interpreted story based on the true memories of sor who became deaf instantly one day due to a rare condition.

Teaser music: Bear Damen

Bae – Rosario Mussendijk
Ferdinand – Ian Bok
Amélie – Tara Hetharia

Written by: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez & Bear Damen
Director: Bear Damen

Cinematography: Zeeger Verschuren

Production Company: Heat
Producers: Luc de Kock Cecile Neeteson Bear Damen
Line producer: Lion Kojo
Production Designer: Sanne Schat
Edit: Bear Damen
1st AC: Sam Rawlings, Daniel Jaspers.
Clapper/Loader: William Craft, Melissa Martens.
2nd AC: Sam Broekman.